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Learn from me!

Check out my courses on Eating Disorder Recovery (for providers and folks in recovery) as well as my Eating Disorder & OCD Course (for ED providers). Both of these courses are online, self paced, and provide tons of education and tools in order to assist your recovery or for you to learn more about treating this population! I offer discounts for BIPOC & LGBTQAII+ folks, so please email me if this is you!

Allyson Ford, LPCC
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Marlenna Tanner, Eating Disorders Registered Dietician + Founder of The Yellow House

"Allyson's presentation to our team on "Eating Disorders and OCD" provided even seasoned clinicians with new and applicable information to use with clients. Allyson is able to communicate in a calm, clear, and professional manner.  I am grateful to have her as a resource of how OCD and EDs interface."

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Gabrielle Morreale, LPC + Founder of Recovered and Restored

As an eating disorder provider and clinical director I could not recommend Allyson's trainings higher! Allyson does an incredible job of discussing the recovery process for clients as we’ll shares practical interventions for providers! This training is informative, authentic, and wonderful! Also fully Health at Every Size aligned!


Nadina Goddard, MA, LCSW, Private Practice Therapist

I loved Allyson's Eating Disorder Recovery Course! I never learned about eating disorders in my grad school curriculum or practicum setting so getting into practice and realizing that more than half of my clients experience some kind of disordered eating was very nerve wracking. My imposter syndrome was full force. After taking your course I feel so much more confident in session and I’m actually providing my clients with the specific tools and psychoedu that you’ve provided. They’ve been very engaged in the exercises and seem to be responding well to treatment. Just wanted to say thank you so much for the support and everything that you do for the ED community.

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