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Mimi Cole, ACMHC

Eating Disorder & Body Image Therapist

Currently taking clients virtually in Utah.
About Mimi Cole (they/them)

My approach to therapy is rooted in radical compassion and validation. I believe that feeling safe inside of our bodies and in our relationships is critical in healing work. I enjoy helping clients understand early childhood messages and how those relational wounds impact how we show up today. I specialize in working with individuals with eating disorders, OCD and complex trauma. As much as I have learned from research, I prioritize lived experience and believe that no specialization will take the place of a safe relationship and your own internal wisdom. My primary goal is to help you feel more understood, safe and connected so that you may begin living the ideal life you desire.

Recognizing that no two humans are the same, I utilize an individualized approach incorporating aspects of somatic work, parts work and a variety of behavioral approaches- all with an anti-oppression, depathologizing lens. For me, this means that I seek to understand the ways in which you have been taught that you are the problem, that you are responsible for “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” and “trying harder” — together we unpack these ideas by exploring what systems, identities and experiences shaped and protected you. From there, we build agency and awareness with how you want to operate within your life, fostering self compassion along the way. Collaboration is critical to our work; I am not the expert on you, you have so much wisdom within your body already. My aim is to hold space for every part of you to be sacredly witnessed.

I especially enjoy working with fellow BIPOC folks, children of immigrants, individuals who are navigating faith transitions/religious trauma, highly sensitive and neurodivergent folks.

I attended college at Vanderbilt University and graduated with my Bachelor’s of science in Child Development and an interdisciplinary major called Medicine, Health, and Society. I then completed my Master’s degree in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, before doing my clinical internship in Utah. I now offer telehealth services to individuals residing in the state of Utah.
Outside of therapy, I love to read (or rather collect books, it is very exciting when I happen to finish some– the bookshelf is always growing) and I like the idea of journaling, so I keep one for highlights and sporadic entries.

I am looking forward to holding space for you and being a part of your healing journey.

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