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Sarah Jane Thomas, MA, LMFT

Sarah Jane Thomas, MA, LMFT

Eating Disorder & Body Image Therapist

About Sarah Jane (she/her)

So much of the work I do as a therapist is inspired by that little girl I once was, who was living in a body that looked different than the other kids’. A bigger body. A fat body. A body that meant being constantly reminded of how it doesn’t fit the mold. There was a constant striving for the body I thought I needed to be worthy, good-enough, okay. Over years of chronic dieting and self-hatred I eventually landed in a place where my therapist said something I never thought could be true for me, “I think you have an eating disorder.” Healing my eating disorder, making amends with food + body, and learning about body liberation and fat acceptance shifted everything.

I received my MA in Counseling Psychology from Palo Alto University. Some of my earliest experience training as a therapist was with kids in elementary school and I still have a soft spot for working with littles. Today my practice highlights supporting folks (from kiddos to grown-ups) living in bigger bodies, recovering from Eating Disorders, and longing to trust themselves and their bodies again. I also have experience with anxiety and trauma, as these things often go hand in hand. My approach includes a truly agentic, compassionate, individualized approach to meet your specific needs. I am rooted in a social justice lens that acknowledges how systems of oppression shape our struggles as well. Our relationship is the most important part to your healing; in addition I have plenty of tools to help support your journey.

Outside of work I love hanging with Beetlejuice (my emotional support kitty), having video calls with my nephews, and connecting with nature.

Recovery is hard and bumpy and sometimes exhausting AND so, so worth it. I’d love to connect and see how I can support you through this.

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