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Our approach is deeply relational + individualized to meet your specific needs. We do not believe one size fits all when it comes to healing.

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Do you feel like there is no way out of your Eating Disorder or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Do you feel trapped and scared of your own mind? Both of these mental health conditions include high amounts of anxiety, obsessive thoughts and rituals that tend to impact our sense of self, relationships and the way we want to show up in the world. As anti-oppression therapists, we tailor our approach to fit your individual needs, explore systemic issues contributing to your distress and believe our therapeutic relationship is one of the most important components to your healing. We often blend components of Internal Family Systems Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Feminist Therapy, CBT, DBT and ERP. We have years of professional experience in a variety of settings including outpatient, inpatient, residential treatment centers, schools and private practice. We are up to date with the latest treatment and research for Eating Disorders in order to provide you the best quality care. We have been through recovery ourselves, which helps our clients feel like they can relate and come to us judgment free. Although no two recovery journeys are the same, we deeply empathize with anyone struggling. Whether you’re ready to dive into recovery, still contemplating or want a harm reduction approach- it's our mission to help every client we serve find their own unique path towards healing.

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We would be honored to help you find your way. We offer free 15 minute consultation calls before getting started.

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